Donna RidgewayThank you for visiting our website!  Are you looking for some organizational assistance, help or guidance? You must be here for a reason!

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed with a busy life and struggling to stay organized at home, at work, or both.  Has accumulation of stuff turned into clutter in your home or office?

Have you had good intentions about becoming organized, but never seem to get around to it?

Is it easier to close the door and “forget about it” than to deal with it?

Being organized can bring more peace to your life!  Think how wonderful it will be to have more time, less stress, a calm environment, and to be able to find things right when you need them!  Imagine increased productivity and energy!  Being organized helps you save money (think: no more buying duplicates of items you can’t find), reduce clutter, and have more space in your home.

I can help you find organizational solutions that will work for you.  Together we will implement systems that will maximize your space efficiency and help you function with ease in your home, while also improving appearance.  Organizing does not have to be painful!  I do my best to make each work session fun and inspiring for my clients.

It is true that many who are having organizational challenges are also dealing with challenges in time management.  Let’s face it, we all lead very busy lives and there are still only 24 hours in a day!  I can help not only get your home and/or small office in order, but get you on track to being more productive and having control over your time and calendar as well!

Our mission at Making Spaces, LLC:

We help our clients achieve a peaceful, organized and productive environment through planned and purposeful work sessions with ongoing positive support.

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